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months; but the palaiyagar^ who gathered a strong army, did
not allow the besiegers even to approach the fort. As he
could not capture the fort, Narasingaraya broke up his camp,
marched to Srlrangapattana and laid siege to that fort. This
place was in the possession of Jivagrahya, whom the elder
Narasingaraya had appointed as its governor. Jivagrahya's
son, who succeeded his father as the governor, occupied the
fort with his troops, strengthened its defences ; then he sent
messengers to the yalaiyagars of Ummattur and Talakkad
begging them to send him help. When the contingents which
they despatched arrived at the place, he sallied out of the fort,
and attacked Vlra Narasingaraya's army. Having been defeat-
ed in the encounter, Vlra Narasingaraya could do nothing but
to retreat to Vidyanagara. He told Krsnaraya that (he could
not take) the forts of Ummattur and Srlrangapattana as they
were very strong. With the object of renewing his attack,
he was engaged in gathering large forces and considerable
ammunition during the rest of his reign.

K'onkanacfc$ar'5fula-'vrtt'8,ntainu,t L. R* 11, pp.

In Saka 1401 Maharajadhiraja Vira Narasingarayar was
crowned at Vijayanagaripattana on the throne set with nine
gems. While Vlra Narasinga Maharaja was protecting the
kingdom with justice along with his brothers, he sent men to
those countries which paid tribute during the days of his
father Narasinga Maharayar and asked for their tribute. The
Dravida, Cola, and Pandya countries sent some money, and
made friends with Vira Narasingaraya. Since the ySlaiya-
ffar$ who were in the forts like Ummattur and Talaikkadu
protecting the Karxjataka and Kongu countries did not send
tribute, Vfra Narasingaraya got very angry, assembled a large
army besides elephants and horses, placed his brother Krsna-
raya at Vijayanagaripattana, encamped near Ummattur along
with Acyutaraya and Srirangaraya besides many (otker)
princes, and sent men to (the ruler of UmmatfcSr) to inform